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Chris Turner created and developed the Lean 6 Sigma Online website to help direct people to the right place to get the latest and greatest information about Lean Six Sigma . Since that time he has designed and developed several online training websites and supports in the consulting services with many organizations.

Lean 6 Sigma Online is part of the Radical Transformation LLC  group of training websites. We are a solutions provider to the business community. Our expertise and skills are utilized by those clients that want to find fast and cost effective ways to improve their business model to meet the demand of the global markets. Anyone that is not improving today, is losing out to their competitors because innovation is the driving force towards the next product. In truth, without improvement, there is no future, and the company will eventually be forced to close its doors.

Our goal is to support our clients through a process of self discovery. They must start by learn about themselves, and to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Every organization must understand how it currently operates before it can determine the why, where, when, what and how to improve itself. The are three important steps to improvement.

  1. Self -realization – gaining insight about the business processes and their performance.
  2. Stabilize – identify and eliminate the waste that creates fluctuations in the process performance metrics.
  3. Systematize – create a culture that integrates problem solving and drives process metrics towards six sigma performance .

At Lean 6 Sigma Online, we help our clients to identify the critical business processes that must be improved to allow them to realize their vision for the future business they want to become. At this point, a client will be able to successfully define, and execute their business goals and objectives.

Over 90% of companies fail within two years of starting their lean journey!

Change does not happen by chance, it must be planned and managed. A failure to create an effective plan will only result in an organization planning to become another failure. Over 90% of companies fail within two years of starting their lean journey. Why did they fail so soon after they started? They did not realize what is involved and the management teams did not prepare themselves or their employees to overcome the challenges.

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