Five Things To Know About Lean Principles!

Every business owner needs to know this about lean principles!

Transforming any enterprise into a Lean Business can be a daunting job if the person carrying out the work doesn’t have the knowledge and experience to comprehend what needs to be done.

Allow me to share five important points about implementing lean principles! Every business owner should know about

Five Things To Know Before Implementing Lean Principles!
Five Things To Know Before Implementing Lean Principles!

these before they start implementing lean program into organization:

#1. Lean Training:

One way for a conventional company to become more profitable will be to train their employees about Lean Principles and how to apply them to eliminate waste and improve their own workspace. This can be a win-win for the enterprise, its people and its customers. Get the right individual, and that is someone who has a good knowledge of implementing Lean Principles into an enterprise. Ask for details about past results for continuous process improvement (CPI) projects utilizing Lean tools.

#2. Problem Solving:

Finding improvements on the job sounds like an easy step, nonetheless, realistically, it is rather tricky, and the root-cause of this can be that people don’t know the place to start. Most organizations get their workforce to spend their valuable time concentrating on the wrong areas. This causes more issues since it increases cost instead of reducing it. Train your staff to use lean principles to become problem solvers and then allow them to see and eliminate the waste.

#3. Kaizen:

The concept of Kaizen is based on a couple of factors included inside the word, which you will find are “Kai” and “Zen”, the definition of these two words is “change for the better.” It is important to understand that this means never changing something for the sake of change. Make it a rule to make use of change using lean principles only when it will improve business processes to increase value from a customer’s perspective.

#4. Genchi Gembutsu:

A business owner cannot determine what is happening in their workplace if they are not embracing “Genchi Gembutsu.” This is a Japanese term which loosely translates into “Go to the place where the work is actually being done to see it with your own eyes.” Don’t try to improve company methods away from the place of work, such as inside a conference area or an office. Employ lean principles to drive change! Go to where the process is currently being performed and watch it in action to get an accurate understanding about what is occurring.

#5. Developing a Lean Culture:

Many organizations employ lean principles on an unplanned basis while not thinking about the consequences of their actions in attempting to develop and establish a Lean Culture. The only way any company is not going to emerge as one more failed lean implementation statistic is to obtain the proper type of environment to aid the identification as well as elimination of waste to increase value for its end users.

Understanding these five straightforward factors will get you targeted on accomplishing the right actions and make your Lean implementation proceed much smoother. Education is important but it is only by people taking action and employing their understanding of Lean Principles that they will start to change their enterprise into a Lean Enterprise.

Chris Turner is the CEO and Director of Training and Development for Radical Transformation LLC. He has almost 30 years of hands-on experience in the Continuous Process Improvement field. During this time, he has integrated Lean Principles, Lean Six Sigma and Change Management into his skill’s portfolio. He has worked with major organizations in the UK, USA and Canada such as the US Air Force, Canadian Ministry of Health, Siemens, Medtronic, APW, English China Clay to name a few. He participated in the design and development of Lean Certification Online, which allows learners to have 24/7 access to online lean training materials. To learn more about lean principles click here

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