Six Sigma

Online 6σ Training & Certification:

Six Sigma training and certification is now a requirement by many organizations that have open continuous process improvement positions. According to the website on Dec 7, 2020, the average salary for people with Six Sigma training and certification is:

The justification for these average salaries is the expected savings to be delivered by each Six Sigma belt.  Projects completed by Yellow Belts can save thousands of dollars, Green Belts can save tens of thousands of dollars and Black Belts can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. A Master Black Belt is usually someone in a management position who is responsible for the oversight of Six Sigma projects.

Next Steps:

The first step is to talk to your manager to see if your company will pay for the course. If not, our training is affordably priced for individuals to pay themselves. Remember, you can use your training and certification as leverage to apply for and potentially move into a higher paying position.


Radical Transformation has partnered with OpEx Learning to offer Six Sigma training courses (full disclosure: we receive a commission on every sale). This partnership allows us to provide you with affordable Six Sigma online training courses and certification. 

Below is a preview video about the Six Sigma training courses available through this website…

Here you can check out the different levels of Six Sigma training courses that are available through this website…

Online Six Sigma Training Courses:

This online, on-demand Six Sigma White Belt online computer-based training program covers an overview of Six Sigma, one of most successful process improvement programs. 

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt provides a basic overview of the Six Sigma tools, and a fundamental idea of what it takes to successfully deploy Six Sigma into any organization.

The Six Sigma Green Belt online computer-based training program covers the White Belt and Yellow Belt training , tools used in all phases of the DMAIC roadmap.

The Six Sigma Black Belt covers the next level of topics beyond the Green Belt materials, and introduces new tools and statistical analysis to address more difficult or challenging problems.